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Author Raquel Dove Wants Your Input!

Cover for Soul Fallen - YA/NA Dark Paranormal Romance

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Raquel Dove would like to ask which of the two covers below you like better and why. Each voter will recieve an advanced review copy of the book!

Book Description

You cant help being what you are. Its in your blood.

Zoes past is full of shadows they snap at her heels as she escapes with burns and bruises. The plan was to lie-low. Not to draw any suspicion. Least of all a demon's.

Her soul was rather delectable for a runaway urchin…

Paris is a demon who's used to easy prey. From the shadows, he observes Zoe, but just when he thinks he has her figured out --- a whole new list of questions arise. Something about her pulls at him. He had to have her - anything to get her to forge a contract with him.

Zoe never believed demons existed. She always thought her father and his followers were insane --- until Paris whispers a proposition in her ear that she can't refuse.

What are you willing to sell your soul for?

The choices are PARCHMENT and MAN


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